Steaming Toward Approval: Deckhand™ Pro In The Greater Atlantic

Real Time Data’s (RTD) Deckhand Pro electronic logbook platform is moving closer to federal approval as an eVTR solution in Greater Atlantic federal fisheries. When approved, it will be an electronic logbook designed and built by a company with commercial fishermen on the payroll.


“We’re excited, we’re ready,” says Lange Solberg, business development manager for Real Time Data North America and captain of a salmon vessel in Alaska. “We’ve cleared a lot of hurdles with the technology and come to a point where we’re just eager to get it in the hands of fishermen, get it out on the water.”


As RTD works through the federal approval process, some fishermen in New England are testing Deckhand Pro, giving feedback, and imagining it as the “new way” to submit vessel trip reports to the Greater Atlantic Regional Office. However, RTD isn’t solely aiming to provide a solution for electronic trip reporting.


“We’re really focused on giving fishermen a great and even enjoyable experience when using the platform,” notes Solberg. “Our product roadmap is deep and wide, and I would say that the majority of tasks on that roadmap wholly geared toward fishermen having a completely redefined logbook experience where the mandatory trip report piece is actually only a small fraction of all that the product can offer from a standpoint of value.”

When Deckhand Pro is approved by NMFS, the Greater Atlantic eVTR workflow will be available through the Apple App Store for use on the iPad. Webinars and tutorials will also be available in conjunction with the rollout of new eVTR regulations in the GARFO region. Check out the Deckhand Logbook website and the GARFO eVTR information page for updates.