Release Notes 3.8.0-6061

AppStore Release

What’s New & Product Enhancements

  1. Introducing Data Backups in Deckhand™ Pro (see below).
  2. Actions now complete before the next action runs. For example $action.declareEvent($actionEvent); $anyfunc()did not work before as expected because anyfunc would execute immediately rather than waiting for declaration. This also assures that success and failure events properly wait for the full event completion before being triggered.
  3. Revamped the way animations work and increased the speed.
  4. Changed the label component to dynamically update.
  5. Added the experimental $action.refresh() command.
  6. Expression evaluation has now been moved onto background threads.
  7. Added $event.workflow and $event.title
  8. Added $workflow.file() to return the text contents of a file in the workflow directory.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed: keys within transformEach in reports were ignoring “isOptional” meaning that errors were thrown for missing fields when they should not have been.
  2. Fixed: several unresolved promises during action expressions, including $action.stopSession
  3. Fixed: The “Go Fishing” button now updates consistently when the workflow is reset.
  4. Fixed: problem where animation interruption would cause promises to be stranded because completion handlers were not called.
  5. Fixed: some selectors which still said “animations” to say “withAnimation” for consistency sake.
  6. Fixed: bug where duplicate controllers (one empty, one in use) were used at various points in the system. This was triggered by “going backward” where a new controller was re-created and used for some things but the originally controller was still being used for other aspects of the application.
  7. Fixed: bug which could have occurred when evaluating variables from an action.  getRValue() would run on a background thread instead of the main thread.
  8. Fixed: a regression that caused keyword tables not to work correctly on the main thread.

NEW: Data Backup in Deckhand™ Pro

Deckhand™ Pro Users are now able to manually create backups of their data to their “iCloud accounts” so if they lose their device they are able to restore their data from a previous data snapshot.

Manage Backups is available from the User Preferences/Settings area of Deckhand™ Pro. An iCloud account enabled on the device is required to use this feature.