GARFO v2.0.0

October 7th 2022
Requires Deckhand® Pro – 3.10.69-6212 or higher

Latest Release

  • ADDED: A “Targeting: ” selector to the map view. This will let users pick a target species, and auto-fill that into their Gear Catch view.
  • ADDED: A context-aware help slides to all views in the workflow.
  • ADDED:  Onboarding slides:
    • Welcome to Deckhand – Slide opens automatically when a user starts up this workflow for the first time, and after that, must be manually opened with the “Help” button on splash screen. Has “Start Trip” button that triggers a new trip.
    • Starting Your trip – Slide opens automatically when a user triggers a Trip Details for the first time, and will open when user taps on “Help” for Trip Details during that first event. However, if a user already completed a trip details before, this slide does not reappear – “Help” shows the default “Trip Details Log” topic instead.
    • Start Fishing – Appears the first time a user get to their first map view, then never again.
  • CHANGED: All fields in Trip Details and Gear Details are now remembered across trips.
  • CHANGED: Last selected Effort Type will now be remembered across trips.
  • CHANGED: Renamed “Running Tallies” + button menu item to “Catch Breakdown”.
  • CHANGED: Renamed “Edit” activity panel button to “Update”.
  • CHANGED: Renamed “Add a Species” button in Catch & Disposals view “Log Your Catch”.
  • CHANGED: User is no longer able to submit reports unless they have the “submit-to-garfo” entitlement.
  • FIXED: Season Start Date field on the Trip Details view UI alignment issue.
  • FIXED: A red “E” annotation will no longer appear on the map if an effort is canceled.
  • FIXED: If an effort is “Resumed” after being “Ended”, the red “E” annotations dropped by Ending that effort is now removed.
  • REMOVED: The dialog prompting users to “Please connect their GARFO account”. This connect functionality remains available to users who have the “submit-to-garfo” entitlement via a + button option.