GARFO v0.5.1

September 27, 2021
Requires Deckhand® Pro – 3.10.3-6105 or higher

  • Added a Quick Help Guide for GARFO. You can launch it from the Help button in the top-left of Activity Panel menu.

Replaced the Active/Sending/All activity panel menu buttons with Opened/Closed buttons.

An open trip will be listed under the Opened panel list.

A close trip will be listed under the Closed panel list.

Added a Trip Header to group all trip events and perform group actions for the entire trip.

  • Added Close, Abort, Preview, Submit icon action buttons to Trip Header and displayed on completed open trips.
  • Added Warnings icon action button to replace Submit in Trip Header for incomplete trip events.
  • Added Open button to Trip Header on closed trips to open the trip.
  • Added Delete button to Trip Header on aborted closed trips to delete the trip.
  • Added Preview button to the Trip Header and all trip events that displays a summary of only that event.

Added a Welcome to Deckhand dialog when the Go Fishing button is tapped.