GAKH v0.0.24

April 24th 2024

Requires Deckhand® Pro – 3.10.61-6200 or higher

  • MOVED: The Trip date is now added to the Start Trip screen
  • CHANGED: The haul event titles (Haul # | Date), located in the events panel displayed in white text can now be edited
  • CHANGED: The Haul Number field can now always be edited
  • CHANGED: Bird avoidance gear option will now auto-remember previous selection
  • CHANGED: Discards and dispositions now sort species by product code
  • MOVED: Number of skates/pots set is now in the End Setting screen
  • ADDED: The Inactive Log now auto-loads to the trip in the events panel on the left-hand side. Inactive Logs now have their own report which can be accessed by tapping on the red Inactive Log event.
  • ADDED: The Discards/Disposition event now auto-loads to the event panel on the left hand side. Discards/Dispositions event data will display as usual through the DFL Report – accessed through the blue Trip event in the event panel.
  • CHANGED: The Fishing Report’s Catch Table in the DFL report is now properly reflects the “blue sheet” in the paper DFL when users tap the “Convert to Discards Report” button.
  • ADDED: The “Trip Number” field is now included in the Start Trip screen. A one-time dialog will show up to remind the user to set the Trip Number to 1 on the first trip of a new year.
  • ADDED: A Reference Guide now exists in the Actions Menu. Users can access this at any time. This guide is reflective of DFL reference pages.
  • UPDATED: When hauling a Set, the “Federal Reporting Area” field now auto-populates based on user location but can be modified. Deckhand will issue a warning before the user can manually modify this field. The DFL Report now will display an aggregated list Federal Reporting Areas across all trip sets in lieu of showing duplicate areas.
  • CHANGED: If only one Gear ID exists, that Gear ID will be selected automatically (provided it matches the Fishing Activity)
  • UPDATED: User can now edit the Discards/Dispositions event from the events panel on the left hand side at any point while actively fishing