Deckhand® Pro –

May 17th, 2024
Requires iPadOS 16 or later
Requires CatchFlow™ IDE version 2.0 or higher
Latest AppStore Release

This release addresses the following:


$ Function: With the inclusion of the $ function, users can now facilitate uploads to Azure Blobs with ease. This function streamlines the process of uploading data to Azure Blob storage, offering a convenient and efficient solution for managing data within the Azure ecosystem.

$ Function: With the introduction of the $ function, users can now conveniently define Azure account name and access key within Deckhand Pro. This feature simplifies the process of authenticating with Azure services, allowing users to securely access and manage Azure resources directly from within the Deckhand Pro environment

$ Function: With the introduction of the $ function, users can now conveniently retrieve the access key associated with their Azure account within Deckhand Pro. This feature simplifies the process of accessing Azure resources by providing users with direct access to the necessary credentials.

Binary Payloads with PayloadExpression: With the introduction of binary payloads, users can now include a wide range of binary data types, such as images, documents, or multimedia files, within their reports. The payloadExpression report field allows users to dynamically generate and include binary payloads based on specific criteria or calculations.

showingView= Keyword in $action.editEvent(): With the introduction of the showingView= keyword, users can now specify a specific view to be displayed first when editing events using the $action.editEvent() function. This feature enables users to customize their workflow and streamline their editing process by ensuring that the desired view is immediately accessible during event editing.

Button Groups with Conditions: With the introduction of button groups with conditions, users can now define custom button behavior based on specified conditions. Once defined, these button groups disable the default edit button behavior, allowing users to fully customize button actions and appearance.

component.setFocus() Function: With the addition of the component.setFocus() function, users can now direct user focus to a particular component within Deckhand Pro. This feature enhances usability by allowing users to quickly navigate to specific components, improving efficiency and streamlining workflow processes. The function ensures that all parent panels are expanded, providing a seamless user experience. Limitations: Currently, the component.setFocus() function can only “scroll to” components on the main display and does not support components nested inside panels. However, it offers valuable functionality for directing user focus within Deckhand Pro.

$system.databaseId Property: With the introduction of the $system.databaseId property, users now have access to a unique identifier for each database within Deckhand Pro.

Placemark Database ID Properties: Placemarks now include two new properties:

  • placemark.databaseId: This property provides a unique database ID for each placemark, enabling users to identify and reference specific placemarks with ease.
  • placemark.original.databaseId: After editing a placemark, this property retains the previous database ID value, allowing users to track changes and maintain historical data integrity effectively.

Two-Argument Version of $createPlacemark() Function: With the introduction of the two-argument version of the $createPlacemark() function, users can now create placemarks from serialized data with greater ease and efficiency. This feature simplifies the process of creating placemarks by allowing users to specify serialized data directly as input, eliminating the need for manual data parsing and conversion.


Enhancements to getUserChoice(): The getUserChoice() function has been updated to accept additional parameters, including optionSetName=, showValueOnly=, emphasis=, and showRecommendations=. These parameters offer users more control over the appearance and behavior of user choices within Deckhand Pro.

Enhancement to originRecordId Property: In cases where a placemark.databaseId is non-nil, the placemark.originRecordId property will now denote the actual location record (GPS record) in the original database where the original information was logged.

Enhancement to json() Function: The json() function has been updated to fully serialize placemarks, ensuring that all relevant data is included in the output.

Fixed Issues:

Resolution of Timing “Hangs”: Deckhand Pro v3.13.2/build 6403 addresses timing issues that previously caused “hangs” when using the saveEvent or closeEvent actions out-of-session. These issues have been internally resolved by Deckhand, resulting in improved performance and reliability of the application.

LocationLabel Component Flaws: We’ve fixed several flaws in the locationLabel component when used with the forms API. Issues such as invalid information returned by properties like .path and the absence of component.parent have been resolved. With these fixes, the locationLabel component now behaves correctly, providing accurate information and improved functionality when integrated with the forms API.

Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback. We strive to provide you with the best experience, and your reports help us identify and resolve any issues promptly. If you encounter any further problems or have suggestions for improvement, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

-The Deckhand Pro Team