Deckhand® Pro – 3.12.3-6303

February 2nd , 2023
Requires iPadOS 15 or later
Requires CatchFlow™ IDE version 1.1 or higher

  • ADDED: Complete set of features for submitting reports to generic backends.
    • The implementation supports:
      • A specific capability to submit payloads using a POST operation to a backend which supports bearer authentication (e.g Airtable and others).
      • A general purpose capability to have report submission handlers which may not even submit to backends at all, but could collect data in some other way, such as internal submission to a composite event which be will submitted later. The general purpose capability allows complete control of the submission process while retaining the user’s perception of how activities operate.
      • A new set of functions, the $net function set which allows direct communication with network sources. This allows multiple-transactions to be embedded in a single submission if the backend’s needs are sufficiently complex.
  • FIXED: The onValidate schema definitions were inadvertently omitted from the newest builds and are now correct.
  • FIXED: When placemarks were created with createOnPath="false" and then edited using gpsEntry the modificaiton would still cause the trip path itself to change.
  • FIXED: When $action.pauseEvent() is used on a non-current event, validation will be done on the current event even though it should not be involved in the transaction. This has been fixed so that a non-current event can be paused without interaction with any current event.
  • FIXED: When a nested action fails, that failure is propagated up to the triggering action. This solves the problem where a nextEvent would NOT be cancelled if the declareEvent was cancelled.
  • CHANGED: ConfigData variables can now set refreshDays="0" and Deckhand will not reschedule any further updates after the first. After the first succeeds, nextUpdate will automatically be set to nil.
  • ADDED: The wait= parameter to $action.queueAction()