Deckhand® Pro –

December 18 2022
Requires iPadOS 14 or later
Requires CatchFlow™ IDE version 1.1 or higher

This release addresses the following:

  • ADDED$form.validateItems() has been added to return a list of items which have validation errors.
  • ADDED: $form.validateForm() which triggers the normal validation process and returns true or false based upon whether the form is valid.
  • ADDED: <onValidate> can now be used within any view to override the normal validation process with a completely custom user interaction.
  • FIXED: When an updated logbook contains a new report, that report will be added to any previously created events if an attempt is made to submit. Previously, the reports were fixed at event creation time and updates were never made.
  • FIXED: When a $config variable with a URL completes its retries, the retry count will now be reset upon the next attempt. Previously, subsequent attempts would try only once.
  • CHANGED: The expressions output to the log are shortened to 150 bytes with an elipses indicating truncation. This will save log file size and make log files more readable.