Deckhand® Pro – 3.11.6-6234

December 18 , 2022
Requires iPadOS 14 or later

This release addresses the following:

Fixed Issues:

  • Resolved Deckhand Store Layout Issue on iOS 16: We have addressed a layout issue specific to devices running iOS 16 when accessing the Deckhand Store. Previously, there were inconsistencies and display problems observed in the layout of the Deckhand Store on iOS 16 devices. With this release, we have fixed the underlying problem causing the layout issue, ensuring that the Deckhand Store is correctly displayed and accessible on devices running iOS 16. You can now browse and explore the available items in the Deckhand Store without any layout-related disruptions.
  • Resolved Background Submission Failures during Event Editing: We have addressed an issue that caused background submissions to fail when an unrelated event was opened for editing. Previously, attempting to edit an event that was not directly related to the background submission could result in submission failures. With this release, we have fixed the underlying problem, ensuring that background submissions continue to function reliably even when editing an unrelated event. You can now edit events without affecting the background submission process, ensuring the successful completion of submissions in the background.

We have implemented various under-the-hood bug fixes and performance enhancements to improve the overall stability and efficiency of the application.

Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback. We strive to provide you with the best experience, and your reports help us identify and resolve any issues promptly. If you encounter any further problems or have suggestions for improvement, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Happy sailing with Deckhand Pro!

-The Deckhand Pro Team