Deckhand® Pro – 3.10.73-6218

October 21st, 2022
Requires iPadOS 14 or later

This release addresses the following:

  • ADDED: It is now possible to delete accounts using the “Delete Account” button. This is only enabled in cases where account creation is also possible, so in certain markets such as NZ, this button may not appear.
  • CHANGED: Several changes to the SolarVMS driver provide better adaptation and recovery from errors and problems, especially during report acknowledgement.
  • CHANGED: The onboarding “Learn More” page for users in the Greater Atlantic Region to provide options to “try for free”,or “buy” the GARFO eVTR Logbook.
  • FIXED: Editing an event after canceling the “End Trip” process will no longer navigate a user to the title screen.
  • FIXED: User can no longer edit an existing event while a new Maintenance event is on-screen.
  • FIXED: MyDeckhand users whose names were blank could cause a variety of problems, including corrupt backups, missing names on registered user page, and inability to properly rehydrate.
  • CHANGED: Removed the text “Composition” from the “Share Composition as PDF” text, when you tap on the “Share” button in a composition view.
  • CHANGED: If the name of a logbook specified in the CatchFlow IDE is not the same as the actual loaded logbook name (such as with a share-code), then the actual CatchFlow IDE name will be shown instead.
  • CHANGED: The word “(GENERIC)” seen in the GARFO eVTR logbook, was basically becoming “noise” on the home screen. Though it still has a specific internal meaning, it is generally no longer worth noting to the user.