Deckhand® Pro – 3.10.69-6212

October 7th, 2022
Requires iPadOS 14 or later
Latest Beta Release

This beta release addresses the following:

  • CHANGED: The onboarding “Learn More” page for users in the Greater Atlantic Region to provide options to “try for free”,or “buy” the GARFO eVTR Logbook.
  • FIXED: Editing an event after canceling the “End Trip” process will no longer navigate a user to the title screen.
  • FIXED: User can no longer edit an existing event while a new Maintenance event is on-screen.
  • FIXED: MyDeckhand users whose names were blank could cause a variety of problems, including corrupt backups, missing names on registered user page, and inability to properly rehydrate.
  • CHANGED: Removed the text “Composition” from the “Share Composition as PDF” text, when you tap on the “Share” button in a composition view.
  • CHANGED: If the name of a logbook specified in the CatchFlow IDE is not the same as the actual loaded logbook name (such as with a share-code), then the actual CatchFlow IDE name will be shown instead.
  • CHANGED: The word “(GENERIC)” seen in the GARFO eVTR logbook, was basically becoming “noise” on the home screen. Though it still has a specific internal meaning, it is generally no longer worth noting to the user.