Deckhand® Pro – 3.10.57-6194

May 30th, 2022
Requires iPadOS 14 or later

This release contains and addresses the following:

  • ADDED: “Welcome to Deckhand” onboarding slide. The slide opens automatically when a user launches the app for the first time, and after that, can be manually opened with the “Help” button. The slide contains a “Start Trip” button that triggers a new trip.
  • ADDED: Starting Your trip onboarding slide. The slide opens automatically when a user triggers a Trip Details for the first time, and will open when user taps on “Help” for Trip Details during that first event. However, if a user already completed a trip details before, this slide does not reappear – “Help” shows the default “Trip Details Log” topic instead.
  • ADDED: Start Fishing onboarding slide – The slide appears the first time a user get to their first map view, then it can appear manually when you tap the Help button.
  • ADDED: Reporting to NOOA onboarding slide. For users that are located within the Greater Atlantic Region and are eligible for reporting to NOAA will see a onboarding slide that enables the option to “Contact Us” to discuss setup with Deckhand for reporting to NOAA. This slide can also be launched at anytime from the + button.
  • ADDED: Added a second dialog asking for confirmation when deleting a log. Now, a user will see two opportunities to stop deleting a log, just like Profiles or Trips
  • ADDED: Users can now jump to the Dealer/Ports default event directly from dialogs on the Landing event.
  • CHANGE: “Vessel Reg Number” with “Number Of Crew” (defaults to 1) on Trip Details view.
  • CHANGE: Users no longer have to abort their completed events before being able to delete them. Just like incomplete events, completed events can be directly deleted.
  • CHANGE: Users no longer have to abort a trip before they can delete it. They do still have to close the trip first.
  • CHANGE: Users no longer prompted to create an engine profile on every new trip if one does not already exist.
  • ADDED: Attempting to access the public key without a PIN now advises that you need a PIN
  • FIXED: When a PIN is not a requirement, adding users did not work. You could try, but when the registration was complete the new user did not get added.
  • FIXED: Changing the PIN was not always recognised until a restart.
  • FIXED: Deleting a user appeared to have no effect, then later, Deckhand would crash if it were used.
  • FIXED: Registered Users stale user object references.
  • FIXED: Landings could consume a lot of time and perhaps appear hung. This was due to stock code caches missing.
  • FIXED: Swipe-removing catch items would make the catch data disappear when you next edit or do a Landing
  • FIXED: Restoring corrupted backups could sometimes succeed at restoring previous successful backups.
  • FIXED: Progress spinners could sometimes appear on top of compositions. This was incorrect and has been fixed.
  • CHANGE: PIN prompts will not occur unless necessary. If a workflow requires a PIN and does not have one a new PIN will be requested upon first “Go Fishing” operation.
  • CHANGE: When backups are restored from versions 6185 or earlier, a login will always be required. Backups made using 6185 or later and then restored will not require login only if users are members of the same group which did the backup originally. Otherwise a fresh login will be required.
  • CHANGE: Backups made with versions 6185 or later will preserve the user-defined Defaults (e.g such as Species Defaults) in the database such that they will be restored like any other data.
  • CHANGE: This version will cause all new iCloud backup container names to be named “Deckhand Pro” or “Deckhand Pro Alpha” based upon the version being used. Note that since a TestFlight beta is actually the same as the Pro version, they share the same backup container. Previous iCloud folder names will not change and will continue to be used as before.
  • ADDED: Attempting to restore backups which have been either corrupted or contain improper information now display fail-safe dialogs so that the user knows there is a problem, rather than corrupting the Deckhand installation.
  • ADDED: Improved interaction, behaviour logging, and dialogs for backup and restore procedures.
  • FIXED: Prevent user from queuing up touch inputs while deckhand is processing.