Deckhand® Pro – 3.10.57-6194

May 30, 2022
Requires iPadOS 14 or later
Requires CatchFlow™ IDE version 1.1 or higher

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This release contains and addresses the following:

  • ADDED: Added the $lookupEvent(id) function to retrieve any event given its id value.
  • ADDED: Added extensive features to $config() objects to allow controlled syncrhonization with external URLs.
  • ADDED: The new configVariables section of workflows allows the addition of managed configuration data at workflow load time
  • ADDED: The .waitForValue() function can be used to wait until config data has been changed
  • ADDED: actionDetails now has an additional parameter, progressIndicatorTitle which can be set so that long-running commands display the given progress indicator.
  • ADDED: $action.launchRegisteredUsers() to force-launch at any time.
  • ADDED: $system.deviceId and $system.deviceUUID for reference info.
  • FIXED: Shortcut config expressions of basic variables returned nil instead of their set value.
  • CHANGE: FAB and FABOOT “enabled” expressions are now evaluated whenever the FAB appears
  • CHANGE: Information once present in $userDefaults have been moved to the new $config() system.
  • CHANGE: The collect() function now handles non-aggregatable items like arrays and dictionaries by creating result arrays.
  • ADDED: add new expression command $action.uiClick('FAB:OPEN')$action.uiClick('FAB:CLOSE')$action.uiClick('FABOOT:OPEN')$action.uiClick('FABOOT:CLOSE')$action.uiClick('SIDEBAR:OPEN')$action.uiClick('SIDEBAR:CLOSE')
  • ADDED: A new method of storing per-user, per-workflow and system-wide configuration variables has been introduced called $config() which offers complete control over this in-database storage. Because it is stored in the database, it is restored with normal backups.
  • ADDED: Shortcuts for per-workflow configuration access were added called $workflowConfig$rememberedForms, and $rememberedValues. Note that access to saved forms in $userDefaults will need to be changed to use the new $rememberedForms variable. Previous data in the user defaults area will be migrated upon demand.
  • ADDED: Short cuts for system-wide config are available using the shortcut $globalConfig and per-user configuration in $userConfig.
  • ADDED: Add percentage width selection to the composition config.xml file so the designer can control presentation-mode width.
  • ADDED: Add a “title” attribute to the composition config.xml
  • ADDED: Function $user.hasPin has been added to determine if a user account has a PIN associated with it
  • ADDED: Function $action.changePin has been added to securely or insecurely change the PIN (or set it)
  • ADDED: Function $action.requestPin has been added to request a user based upon PIN entry
  • ADDED: $ now returns the assigned ID of the current form.
  • ADDED: $form.path now returns the storage path (by default the ID) of the current form.
  • ADDED: $form.title() can be used to query the title or set a new title for the current form.
  • ADDED: When a map view is displayed for the current event, the $form object will be set appropriately with id and title() capabilities as described above.
  • ADDED: Report response objects now have a metadata field which will expose the returned metadata.
  • CHANGE: An and are now identical. In the future, should be favoured.

For additional information on the above added items for CatchFlow™ developers and to download the latest CatchFlow™ IDE please click here.