Deckhand® Pro – 3.10.49-6182

April 4th, 2022
Requires iPadOS 14 or later

  • CHANGED: Users can now set Engine Profiles:
    • A vessel’s engines has one profile each, holding that engine’s details.
    • This profile (event) holds all Oil and all Filter change data for this engine.
    • This profile (event) holds notes that a user can add when they update this engine’s hours.
    • User can “Update” an engine to update engine details or add notes, or they can “Maint.” an engine to record Filter/Oil changes (They can always update the Engine Hours).
    • Is a user enters engine hours that’s lower than their current engine hours, they’ll be asked to confirm.
    • If a user enters engine hours for a Note or Oil/Fuel Change that’s higher than that engine’s actual hours, we’ll offer to update the engine’s hours for them
Deckhand Pro Engine Profiles Step 1
  • CHANGED: Users can now set Fuel Tank Profiles:
    • Each fuel tank on a vessel has its own profile, holding details about that tank.
    • Each profile (event) also holds all refuel records for that tank.
Deckhand Pro Engine Profiles Step 1
  • CHANGED: A new Landing report has been added:
    • Users now add Dealers first, then add species items sold to those dealers. This allows users to specify how they distribute their inventory among dealers more precisely.
    • The inventory available to add to each dealer is limited by how much stock is caught during the trip, and how much of a species has already been landed.
    • Any species available to land will show the amount of species that is not landed.
    • If a species has been landed, it will not appear in the “Add Species” list.
    • Adding a species automatically adds the maximum amount available.
    • Each dealer has a total gross sales counter.
    • The user is shown a message when they don’t have any more stock or dealers to add.
    • When the user adds a new landing item, their last selected value for “Offloading Port” is remembered and auto-filled.
  • CHANGED: The Maintenance Report composition has been updated to use the Profiles above, with some text tweaks to illustrate this.
  • CHANGED: Hid “Since…” text on filtered Maintenance Report log items when a user filters by “All”.
  • CHANGED: Potting events now show “Potting” instead of “Fishing” as the main event title on their activity panels.
  • CHANGED: Pounds (lbs.) are now used for all units.
  • ADDED: A Defaults event, accessible via a button on top of the side-panel.
    • Here, the user can list Dealers and Ports that they’d like to have available for Landings.
    • This is also where a user can Contact Support form, since this event replaces the Settings panel.
    • Users cannot add duplicate dealers or ports.
  • ADDED: Users can now view all Notes for an engine on a composition page dedicated to just those notes.
  • ADDED: Potting – Users can now haul pots set during previous trips, as long as they’re currently on a trip.
  • ADDED: Users will now have a second chance to stop deleting a trip.
  • FIXED: Paused events could rehydrate when they should not have. This could mean that events waiting to haul could appear for editing unexpectedly.
  • FIXED: In arrays, cells which were never initialised would not be saved as empty cells, and thus would not be restored.