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How to use Deckhand



Home Screen

Tapping Go Fishing will take you to the Fishing Trip section. From there, you can start and complete your fishing trip and report.


User Preferences

Tapping User Preferences will take you to the Settings section. This allows you to configure your settings in Deckhand.


Devices is used to connect compatible Bluetooth device to Deckhand. Currently, Deckhand only support devices provided by SNAPIT in New Zealand.

Registered Users display all the users that have signed in to this device. You can switch between the users to select the correct user before starting your trip. You can also add new users or remove existing users from the device using this settings.

Update workflow check for an updated version of your selected workflow. If an update is available, the workflow will be updated to the latest version. If you have multiple workflows, this button will show Change Workflow instead of Update Workflow and allow you to change between the different workflows while updating the selected workflow.

Contact Support allows you to ask a question or submit a support ticket. For more information, please see How to contact support.

Submission Mode is used to change the way reports are submitted. Manual means that when the report is completed, you will need to manually tap the submit button to send the report. Automatic means that when the report is completed, it will automatically submit without you needing to tap the Submit button.

Fishing Trip

Tab Selector changes the activity list and which reports you see.

Active display all started and un-submitted reports.

Sending display all submitted reports that are in progress of being uploaded.

All display the combination of reports from Active and Sending sections.

Settings will take you to the User Preferences section. This allows you to configure your settings in Deckhand and contact support.


Fishing Activity Panel display started or un-submitted report for your trip.

Edit allows you to edit a previously saved or confirmed report.

Abort will cancel the report.

Log will open up a dialogue displaying a history of the report.

Submit will submit the data and move the fishing activity to the Sending section.


Fishing Activity List display all the reports for each sections as explained in Tab Selector.


Fishing Activity Type allows you to select the type of fishing activity and species you are fishing. Deckhand will then display which report you have to complete for your selected activity.


Stop Fishing will stop your current fishing activity.

Floating Action Button (FAB) is used as a small menu. Currently it only has edit points which is used to edit point on the map. Where start/end points or fishing location may be incorrect. Depending on the integration, other items may be added to this FAB.


Tech Support

+1 888 210 3117

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