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How to use Deckhand activation code


Deckhand activation code is used to unlock a specific workflow for new customers in their specific region. The steps below will guide you on how to use your Deckhand activation code.

Do not use an activation code if you already have a myDeckhand account. Please contact your Association or Account Manager to manually set up the workflow for you.

Using the activation code

1. Proceed to our website Scroll down to the footer and tap Activation Code.

2. Type your activation code and fill in all the fields in the form to create your Deckhand account. Tap Create an Account.

3. You will be directed to the verification code page. Please check your email to retrieve the verification code.

4. The verification code email will look like this. In this example, the verification code is 6656.

5. Type your verification code and tap Verify Account.

6. You will see the Success message once the verification code is verified. Proceed to Deckhand app and your custom workflow will load automatically.

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