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How to migrate to Deckhand NZ version for NZ fishers



This document will guide you through the necessary steps to migrate from the current Enterprise Deckhand NZ version to the new App Store Deckhand Pro NZ version.

1. Create an Apple ID

If you already have an Apple ID, you can skip to Create a backup section. Otherwise, click here and you will be redirected to Apple’s website to learn How to create a new Apple ID.

2. Create a backup

2.1 To create a backup, tap User Preferences.

2.2 Tap Manage Backups.

2.3 Tap Create New Backup.

2.4 The new backup has been successfully created when it appears in the list, displaying the current date. In this example, it was 18 Feb 2022.

3. Copy backup file

3.1 On your iPad home screen, swipe down (as shown by the red arrow) to reveal the search field.


3.2 Type “file” to search for the Files app. Tap Files app to launch.

3.3 Tap iCloud Drive and look for the Deckhand folder. Tap the Deckhand folder > Backup folder > look for the backup file you just created.


3.4 Press and hold the backup file to bring up the action menu. Tap Copy.

3.5 Tap On My iPad, then press and hold anywhere on the right panel to bring up the action menu. Tap Paste.

3.6 Your backup is now saved on your iPad.

4. Delete existing Deckhand NZ app

4.1 Press and hold the Deckhand NZ app and tap Remove App.


4.2 Tap Delete App.


5. Download Deckhand Pro NZ app

5.1 Tap App Store icon.

5.2 Tap Search at the bottom right of the screen.


5.3 Type “deckhand in the search field and tap Search. You will see Deckhand Pro NZ in the search result. Tap Get to start the download.


5.4 When prompted, follow the onscreen steps to enter your Apple ID password or use Touch/Face ID, depending on your iPad model.

5.5 Wait for the Deckhand Pro NZ app to download and install.

5.6 Once installed, tap Open to launch Deckhand Pro NZ.


6. Sign in with FishServe account

6.1 Tap Sign in.

6.2 Tap Sign in with FishServe.

6.3 Tap FishServe New Zealand.

6.4 Type your FishServe username and password, then tap Login.

7. Create another backup

7.1 A new Deckhand backup folder needs to be created in iCloud Drive for it to be associated with the new Deckhand Pro NZ app. To do this, you need to create a new backup by repeating the steps in Create a backup.

8. Move backup file

8.1 Open the Files app, tap iCloud Drive and you will see 2 folders named “Deckhand”. Tap the Deckhand folder with the grey background icon > Backup folder > copy the latest backup file.


8.2 Tap iCloud Drive and tap Deckhand folder with the blue background icon > Backup folder > paste the backup file.


9. Restore a backup

9.1 To restore a backup, tap User Preferences.

9.2 Tap Manage Backups.

9.3 Select the backup and swipe left to reveal the options. Tap Restore.

9.4 Warning: This action cannot be undone! Tap OK to restore the backup from the selected date.

9.5 Deckhand Pro NZ will return to the home screen once the restore is complete.

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