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Can fishing associations use Deckhand?

If you are a vessel cooperative, trade association, or other type of fishermen’s organization, Deckhand is a powerful tool for your membership.

Keep your constituents up-to-date with the latest electronic reporting standard. Tailor Deckhand to suit your organization’s needs using our own Catchflow™ workflow customization engine. Or, simply serve as the conduit for connecting your membership with a superior, redefined logbook.

Start a conversation with us today to learn more about engaging your membership to collect the data your organization needs.

I am usually out of cellular range. How do I submit reports?

Running on the Apple iPad, Deckhand seamlessly replaces paper logbooks as the most comprehensive electronic logbook solution entering the market today. You can use Deckhand to collect, store and feed back your proprietary fishing data to help inform critical business decision making. In addition, when integrated with the fishery regulator in your area, Deckhand sends the data required for electronic reporting via WiFi, cellular, or satellite* — whichever is available and convenient at the time.

*Satellite connectivity currently available in New Zealand fisheries only.

Can I go back and look at my past fishing activity?

Yes. All data recorded using the Deckhand app is always accessible to look at retrospectively. Just navigate to the “All” list to see your past fishing activity.

Who owns the data I record?

You own your data. We provide the interface and infrastructure to generate, store, and keep it secure. Our mission is to empower fishermen to collect and report their own data — we are not in the business of owning it or using it for any purpose.

How secure is my data?

Data generated within the Deckhand app is stored locally on your device or on secure servers for only you to access whenever you need it. Data required for reporting to regulators is encrypted and sent securely, via our servers, to the necessary repository for only fishery managers to access.

Why use Deckhand?

We believe, as a company founded by fishermen, that electronic logbooks should do more for you than simply respond to regulations. Deckhand® is the only app on the market that combines a smooth, easy-to-use interface with benefits and tools to better serve fishermen in their livelihoods. More than just a glorified form on a tablet, Deckhand is the fishing industry’s superior electronic logbook.

How do I get Deckhand?

You’ll find Deckhand in the Apple App Store®. Search for “Deckhand Pro” to find the latest release designed solely for commercial use. Deckhand runs on the Apple iPad® with Wi-Fi + Cellular capability, although a cellular plan is not necessarily required.

Who can use Deckhand?

Deckhand is a global product and anyone can use it. Additionally, it has been approved as an official software solution by the Greater Atlantic Regional Office in the United States, MPI/FINNZ in New Zealand, and PIRSA in South Australia.

What is Deckhand?

Deckhand is an electronic logbook application that empowers fishermen to collect data for themselves and for the regulators that require mandatory electronic trip reporting.

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