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Deckhand™ Pro. The only logbook that puts fishermen first.

Electronic vessel trip reporting begins
November 10, 2021 in the GARFO region.

Join Lange Solberg for a Zoom webinar and see Deckhand Pro in action for GARFO trip reports! Lange will give a brief presentation including a live demo of the software and answer your questions about transitioning to GARFO electronic vessel trip reports using Deckhand Pro.

Upcoming dates:

Submit your trip reports quickly and easily.

When it comes time to complete your eVTR, Deckhand is the fastest, most enjoyable electronic logbook.

Stay focused on fishing.

Deckhand saves you time reporting so you can free up brain space and put your energy where it is needed most.

Get the logbook that does more.

It’s time to throw out those old spiral-bound notebooks. Catch tallies, map views, and more – additional features to benefit your fishing business.

Decide how Deckhand works for you.

Whether you keep detailed logs for yourself or just want to get your eVTR done and head home, Deckhand works the way you do. 

Put your logbook data to work.

The data you collect in Deckhand is stored securely and always at your fingertips for profitability, sustainability and accountability.   

Go Fishing with the simplest and most powerful logbook available.

Download Deckhand Pro from the App Store and purchase the GARFO eVTR option in-app. Deckhand Pro is configured for the Apple Wi-Fi+Cellular iPad (though no cellular plan is needed).

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