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Deckhand: More fishing. Less paperwork.

We get it.

One of the best parts of your day is the moment of silence when you shut down your engine after a 16-hour grind. The last thing you want to do is fill out and do a report.

Deckhand collects data as you go, making those electronic reports so much easier. Oil, fuel and maintenance records are all easy, too.

Deckhand  is the electronic logbook built on fishing industry roots and designed for your daily routine on the water in New England and Mid-Atlantic, thanks to years of feedback from fishermen in the region.

“I have been using Deckhand on my fishing vessel for awhile now. It makes sending my trip reports a breeze and it’s nice to know that I can use my data for so many other purposes, as well.”

— Kristan Porter, F/V Whitney & Ashley

Deckhand Pro Trip Details Screen

Honestly, it’s not really all about eVTRs.

We’re constantly striving to make Deckhand work more for your fishing business and less-centered around following the rules. (But we do help you follow the rules.)

The logbook that guides you.

Deckhand offers helpful messages and tips throughout the reporting process in terms that you understand. Plus, a handy Help section is included.

Deckhand Pro Map Screen
Deckhand Pro Trip Overview Screen

Confidence in your reports.

Deckhand’s Preview feature offers a bird’s eye view of your eVTR and lets you know if anything is missing or in error before you send the report to GARFO or get checked by enforcement.

A logbook for your bottom line.

A live map viewer, real time running catch tallies and reports, as well as the ability to share those reports with anyone you choose make Deckhand the only true fisherman’s electronic logbook.

Deckhand Pro Data Screen
Maine Lobsters with bands on claws

How do you count your lobsters?

Do you count every single lobster as it gets banded? Or, do you just count crates? Don’t count at all? No problem. Deckhand works the way you do and keeps your logbook process smooth and hassle-free.

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