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You won’t want to leave the dock without Deckhand.

With a design that is quick to learn and easy to use, Deckhand gets your logbook data collected and Greater Atlantic federal eVTRs submitted in no time at all. Deckhand is the world’s first electronic logbook designed with fishermen’s daily routines out on the water squarely in mind.  

We’ve created a redefined electronic logbook experience because we believe fishermen deserve reporting and record keeping tools that are made just for them. It’s the only electronic logbook of its kind, proudly built by a company with deep roots in the fishing industry. 

FAQ's About Deckhand™ Pro

What is Deckhand™? 
Deckhand is an electronic logbook application that empowers fishermen to collect data for themselves and for the regulators that require mandatory electronic trip reporting. 

Who can use Deckhand? 

Deckhand is a global product and anyone can use it. Additionally, it has been approved as an official software solution by the Greater Atlantic Regional Office. This means that fishermen who hold federal permits in the Greater Atlantic region will soon be able to use Deckhand to submit required electronic vessel trip reports (eVTRs) to NOAA Fisheries. 

How do I get Deckhand? 

You’ll find Deckhand in the Apple App Store. Just search for “Deckhand Pro” to find the latest release designed solely for commercial use. Deckhand Pro runs on the Apple iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular capability, (though a cellular plan is not necessarily required). Download Deckhand Pro from the App Store, purchase the GARFO eVTR module through In-App Purchases* (when available), and link up your federal GARFO credentials with your Deckhand account. Then, you’re ready to fish with Deckhand Pro. 

What do I do with Deckhand Pro once I’ve downloaded it and purchased the GARFO eVTR module? 

Take it fishing! Deckhand is unique in that it “fishes with you.” You can tally individual hauls, tows, traps, strings, as you go; or, you can wait to input any data until you wish to submit the eVTR. Whether you want to interact with it a lot or hardly at all, Deckhand adjusts to the way you fish and want to work. 

Why Deckhand Pro? 

We believe, as a company founded by fishermen, that electronic logbooks should do more for you than simply respond to regulations. Deckhand Pro is the only app on the market that combines a smooth, easy-to-use interface with benefits and tools to better serve fishermen in their livelihoods. More than just a glorified form on a tablet, Deckhand is the fishing industry’s superior electronic logbook.

Availability is subject to change. Apple and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. *Deckhand™ Pro will not be available to submit eVTRs to NOAA Fisheries until after the official “Deckhand™ Pro for GARFO” launch date. Launch date will be announced on as well as through other platforms.

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