Deckhand Pro is your fleet solution for electronic data collection.

Associations, companies, sectors and cooperatives—put the power of the industry’s leading electronic logbook directly into the hands of your skippers. Our group purchase program offers competitive pricing and easy deployment to get Deckhand Pro on the water right away.

Getting your group on board with Deckhand Pro adds value to your mission and positively impacts the fishing community. You are stronger together.

Bulk purchase options and activation codes make it easy to transition your membership to Deckhand Pro. Save time, save money.

Using Deckhand Pro as a group unlocks unlimited potential to leverage group data. Make data work for you.

Deckhand Pro is the choice of the independent fisherman.

Case Study: Addressing a Proposed Marine Protected Area
Using Industry Data and Deckhand Logbook

Deckhand Electronic Logbook helped save lobster fishermen in the Southeastern Professional Fishermen’s Association (SEPFA) from having a newly-proposed marine protected area dropped right on top of their most productive fishing grounds. How? Fishermen circled the wagons and presented their arsenal of logbook data with decision makers.

Check out our just-released case study showing how fishermen’s data can positively address challenges faced by the fishing industry. Fishermen have the advantage when they allow their logbook data to speak for itself.

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