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Deckhand has been a game changer for our fleet.

SEPFA is the principal association for the 160 vessels in the South Eastern Rock Lobster fleet in South Australia, and we’ve been using the Deckhand Electronic Logbook for nearly a decade.

Before, our fishermen used to spend hours filling out paper logbooks, which was not only time-consuming, but also prone to errors.

With Deckhand, everything is much more efficient and accurate.

– Nathan Kimber, Executive Officer, SEPFA

One thing is cleara group of fishermen is stronger than the sum of its parts. Regulations, rising costs, logistics, and existential threats to the fishing industry are among the many things fishermen, processors, and associations have to contend with on a daily basis.

Our first customer wasn’t actually an individual fisherman—it was a fishermen’s association whose members understood the inherent possibilities in collectively engaging, as a group, with the Deckhand platform.

When deployed to the people who make up any type of organization, Deckhand can serve as a flexible tool to advance missions, strategic plans, bottom lines, and livelihoods.

  • Tailor logbooks to the data needs of the organization while keeping fishermen compliant with electronic reporting mandates*
  • Deploy turn-key, ready-to-fish software + hardware bundles to your group with no hassle
  • Enjoy premium onboarding and support from our team and our growing network of distributors
  • Increase organizational infrastructure and value to your members or employees with Deckhand as your go-to logbook

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Case Study: Addressing a Proposed Marine Protected Area Using Industry Data and Deckhand Logbook

Deckhand Electronic Logbook helped save lobster fishermen in the Southeastern Professional Fishermen’s Association (SEPFA) from having a newly-proposed marine protected area dropped right on top of their most productive fishing grounds. How? Fishermen circled the wagons, adopted Deckhand as their electronic logbook, and compelled decision makers to change course.

Check out our case study showing how fishermen’s data can positively address challenges faced by the fishing industry. Fishermen have the advantage when they allow their logbook data to speak for itself.

*Electronic reporting and integration with regulators only available in some regions. Contact us for more information.