Deckhand is an at-sea data collection platform. As a staple in your wheelhouse electronics array, Deckhand empowers fishermen, seafood processors, and other fishing industry stakeholders to easily record and transmit necessary fishing business data. 

Maintenance, catch and effort, required regulatory logs, crew safety, drills, and more – Deckhand is the only electronic logbook platform you need.

Deckhand is a global product and anyone can use it for both regulatory and business purposes. Currently, Deckhand is an approved electronic logbook for regulators across the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Deckhand can also be found as an industry (non-regulatory) solution for fishermen, tender operators, and seafood processors.

Deckhand is available through Mackay Marine on the US west coast/Alaska and Chris Electronics in New England.

As a company founded by fishermen, we believe that your fishing data is your biggest asset. Whether it’s used to comply with reporting requirements or inform future business decisions, Deckhand is your wheelhouse essential to ensure your logbook data is collected as you work, the way you work. 

In an increasingly more connected world, Deckhand provides the pathways you need to get the right data into the right hands at the right time.

The data collected using Deckhand is yours and yours alone. How you choose to share your data is up to you. Data collected in Deckhand is stored locally on your device for only you to access whenever you need it. Data required for reporting to regulators is sent securely to the necessary endpoints accessed only by fishery managers.

You own your data. We provide the interface and infrastructure to generate, store, and keep it secure. Our mission is to empower fishermen to collect and report their own data — we are not in the business of owning it or using it for any purpose.

Yes. All data recorded using the Deckhand app is archived for later use and is viewable in summaries and reports that show an array of catch and business metrics relevant to your operation.

Deckhand is designed to work in offline environments or where connectivity is inconsistent. Deckhand can send data in a number of formats, depending on the requirements of the regulator. Reports are sent via WiFi, cellular, or satellite*. Deckhand also can facilitate the printing of paper copies. 

*Availability of satellite connectivity dependent on region.

If you are a vessel cooperative, trade association, or other type of fishermen’s organization, Deckhand is a powerful tool for your membership.

Keep your constituents up-to-date with the latest electronic reporting standard. Tailor Deckhand to suit your organization’s needs using our own Catchflow™ workflow customization engine. Or, simply serve as the conduit for connecting your membership with a superior, redefined logbook.

Start a conversation with us today to learn more about engaging your membership to collect the data your organization needs.

Yes, a vessel with a Deckhand device on board can use the device across multiple fisheries so long as workflows are available.

Contact Mackay Marine (+1-281-479-1515) on the west coast or Chris Electronics (+1-508 994-8257)  if you’re on the east coast to check the latest pricing and availability.

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