Deckhand™ Pro – 3.10.5-6105

5 October 2021
Requires iPadOS 14 or later
Latest AppStore Release

  • Fixed a bug when undoing a trip properly updates the Go Fishing button.
  • Fixed the validation problem for expandable catch so that invalid subitems also cause the visible closed item validation icon to appear.
  • Fixed a problem where all pending trip events would be submitted when a trip was cancelled.
  • Fixed bug in personality with bad network startup (would prompt that net was required when it isn’t)
  • Enhanced the Sandbox toggle feature in the Deckhand iOS settings and forces a login at the next Deckhand launch to protect users from backend switches.
  • Added a message to display on the Deckhand Home screen to alert users that the Sandbox environment is being used.
  • Some more changes under the hood.

Deckhand™ Pro – 3.10.3-6103

27 September 2021
Requires iPadOS 14 or later

  • Fixed a bug so the left side activity panel no longer closes at the end of a trip.
  • Fixed a bug where the Date picker no longer resets to current date but assumes the date entered.
  • Fixed a bug where the orange line would be drawn when no events had active regions.
  • Fixed a bug where you could “click away” the PinPad which could cause the screen to freeze.
  • Fixed a major memory leak issue when viewing historical events.
  • Added a Close button to all confirmation dialogs
  • Removed the “Unknown Error” when validations failed.
  • Changed “Report submitted” to “Report uploaded” green banners when events are being uploaded.
  • Many more changes under the hood.

Deckhand™ Pro – 3.8.9-6079

27 August 2021
Requires iPadOS 14 or later

  • Added share button functionality to compositions to share them to PDF.
  • Added dialogs to advise the user an internet connection is required for certain actions.
  • Removed the SQL database files from the Upload to Support zip file which was preventing the email to send the logs to support.
  • Some minor logging improvements now include the Behaviour log entries interspersed and clearly identified in the regular logs. This eases diagnosis and debugging.
  • Some cleanup and error reporting improvements
  • Added a Composition Config file to the composition directory to allow CSP to specify various properties (see below).
    The config.xml file
  • Fixed and issue where share button was hidden after composition was closed.
  • Fixed many issues when using Deckhand offline while updating a workflow.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a partially successful sign-in to remain, and to have the “Sign In” button bypass the actual login prompts.
  • Fixed the bug where “Incomplete session detected!” error would display when the network is offline and Deckhand rehydrated while a trip had started.
  • Fixed a problem where the “fishing gear” drop-downs on the map were not properly refreshed when workflow changes occurred.
  • Fixed an issue where Deckhand backups were not displaying in the iOS Files App.
  • Many more changes under the hood.

Deckhand™ Pro – 3.8.3-6064

24 July 2021
Requires iPadOS 14 or later

  • Modified launchComposition to handle the case of a request which occurs while there is no active session.
  • Enhanced the FABOOT button to be able to launch compositions from the Go Fishing screen.
  • Changed the Abort button in a composition to a Close button.
  • Added an error for logging any such use of the location manager in the future.
  • Crashlytics filters now operate correctly. Before, all logging was done indiscriminately.
  • Errors are now included (as they were originally intended) in the behavior logs.
  • New FAB button (nicknamed FABOOT) to home screen and attach $FABOOT actions
  • Improved the error message displayed to users when failure to launch Deckhand™ Pro due to a personality failure on first launch.
  • Fixed: several situations where a trip would not end caused by extra activities left lingering on the stack due to inappropriate regeneration of placeholder objects.
  • Fixed: a bug to include the database files in upload to support.
  • Fixed: a bug where the FAB button was empty along with some cleanups.
  • Many more changes under the hood.

Deckhand™ Pro – 3.8.0-6061

15 June 2021
Requires iPadOS 14 or later

  • Introducing Data Backups in Deckhand™ Pro
  • NEW: Data Backup in Deckhand™ Pro
  • Deckhand™ Pro Users are now able to manually create backups of their data to their “iCloud accounts” so if they lose their device they are able to restore their data from a previous data snapshot.
  • Manage Backups is available from the User Preferences/Settings area of Deckhand™ Pro. An iCloud account enabled on the device is required to use this feature.
  • Fixed: The “Go Fishing” button now updates consistently when the workflow is reset.