27 August 2021
Requires iPadOS 14 or later
Requires CatchFlow™ IDE version 0.6.10 or higher

  • Initial implementation of report templates. This can replace reports.json with templates.
  • Added reports/type.t template capability.
  • Existing reports in reports.json will still continue to operate, but will ignore SendPayloadVerbatim
  • New reports formatted using the template processor can now be included in the reports subdirectory.
  • A new report definition attribute, payloadFormat allows specification of the payload format for either the old reports.json or new template-formatted reports.
  • Significant clean-up and simplified reporting function structure
  • Added support for inner variables in expressions
  • Creates a much looser interpretation of bools when they occur in && expressions or ?:.
  • Added Distance calculation functionality
  • $event.placemark changed to access placemarks as a function or dot-notation.
  • Placemarks now support distanceTo() function.
  • Add shape and label functionality to dropAnnotation
  • Expression enhancements to support various workflows operations
  • Added Named Value objects and “name=value” expressions
  • Added Named Value support to dict()
  • Added short-circuit support to ternaries and conditionals.
  • Added template variables support
  • json() would output numbers with decimals as strings
  • Exponential notation was used inappropriately on numbers converted to strings.
  • Added many changes to support drop annotations and placemark creation, plus some better debugging.
  • Added $event.setPlacemark, $event.clearPlacemark, $event.addAnnotation, $event.clearAnnotation expression functionality
  • Added $createPlacemark at the top level
  • Slightly modified the drop annotation shape parameters for thicker borders and greater border opacity.
  • Variables can now be used in the CatchFlow™ IDE. They can be viewed with $debug.variables and cleared with $debug.clearVariables()
  • Added haul, summary, edit, abort, submit, and log icons for action buttons.
  • Added a general keyword argument parsing capability
  • New pinned workflow engine.
  • Startup timing improvements
  • ManUp loading improvements
  • Under normal situations (build not changed)
  • Deckhand checks the ping situation and if the internet does not appear to be available, it falls back to the previous ManUp.
    However, it sets a network monitor up so that the moment a valid internet connection is available, it attempts to load a new ManUp.
    If not successful, Deckhand merely continues trying. However, once successful, the current Personality will be used until the 6-hour reload time interval is met, at which point Deckhand will retry and failsafe if not successful.
    When Deckhand notices a new build number (new feature):
    Deckhand ignores ping but requires that ManUp be loaded from the internet.
    If it cannot be loaded, then Deckhand presents the user with a dialog indicating that a configuration update is required. (see below)
    Once loaded, Deckhand records its new build number and operation continues from then on.
  • Workflow load improvements
  • Workflow load algorithms was changed so that fallbacks to the current workflow are done only when there is no alternative version available in manUp.
  • Added ping monitor for network connectivity and added behaviour log entries so we can more easily determine the user’s situation in the field.
  • Eliminated the workflowLoaded notification completely, making a more straightfoward startup.
  • Added transitionToInteractive() as a way to indicate that environmental changes are complete and the interface is now ready to go live for the user.
  • Added tolerance for duplicate updates from Boat (not sure why these are occurring)
  • Added new ManUp code and that includes a “no network” fallback to Personalities.
  • Fixed a bug in expressions that caused validation problems
  • Fixed a bug in the pre-population of expanded catch cell which was previously undetected.
  • Fixed CatchFlow™ IDE expressions to handle optionals better
  • Fixed some cases where dictionary elements would not respect the ‘key’ and ‘value properties.
  • Fixed some bugs in property access
  • Rehydration did not properly set preFishing mode as it should for rehydrated run-once events.
  • Fixed: optional report problems
  • Fixed several bugs in key renewal. First, the renewed key expiry was not kept properly and key renewal was done unconditionally when it was not supposed to.
  • For additional information on the above added items for CatchFlow™ developers and to download the latest CatchFlow™ IDE please click here.