24 July 2021
Requires iPadOS 14 or later

  • Modified launchComposition to handle the case of a request which occurs while there is no active session.
  • Enhanced the FABOOT button to be able to launch compositions from the Go Fishing screen.
  • Changed the Abort button in a composition to a Close button.
  • Added an error for logging any such use of the location manager in the future.
  • Crashlytics filters now operate correctly. Before, all logging was done indiscriminately.
  • Errors are now included (as they were originally intended) in the behavior logs.
  • New FAB button (nicknamed FABOOT) to home screen and attach $FABOOT actions
  • Improved the error message displayed to users when failure to launch Deckhand™ Pro due to a personality failure on first launch.
  • Fixed: several situations where a trip would not end caused by extra activities left lingering on the stack due to inappropriate regeneration of placeholder objects.
  • Fixed: a bug to include the database files in upload to support.
  • Fixed: a bug where the FAB button was empty along with some cleanups.
  • Many more changes under the hood.