27 July 2021
Requires iPadOS 14 or later
Requires CatchFlow™ IDE version 0.6.10 or higher

  • Added a template engine to Deckhand™ Pro so that general purpose text templates can be expanded for many purposes. For more info – http://catchflow.io/documentation/user-guide/templates/
  • Added CatchFlow™ Composer, which allows CSP’s to create and launch workflows that contain compositions. For more info – http://catchflow.io/documentation/user-guide/Composer/
  • The composition launch action e.g. $action.launchComposition(‘compositions/summary’, template($workflow.file(‘templates/lobsterpot.t’), $actionEvent)) For more info – http://catchflow.io/documentation/developer-reference/compositions/
  • Set embeddedComposition variable to allow compositions to determine whether they are running inside Deckhand.
  • Added json() function and associated functionality
  • json converts anything to valid json
    is jsonobject() returns true if the argument is a valid JSON object represented as set
    $action.launchComposition now accepts either a JSON string or dictionary object as an argument.
    $event supports limited JSON serialisation
  • Fix JSON stringification for the composer
  • Added expandable catch default values to expandableCatchReport enable CatchFlow™ developers to auto-populate their landing reports from their catch reports.
  • Adds the defaultValues attribute support to expandableCatchReport
  • Adds the powerful collect() function to aggregate data appropriate for ECR
  • Adds a synonym dynamicExpandableReport for more consistency with purpose and other views.
  • Added another thread-safe wrapper.
  • Added an observable sessionWorkflow to make the FAB (and future tasks) easier.
  • Consolidated item creation code inside the FAB rather than having external construction.
  • Improved view and button management in the FAB to eliminate some confusion.
  • Created generic item setup with prefix items, events, and pattern matching combined.
  • Disabled web view bounce for compositions
  • Allow access to to the full composition folder.
  • Added missing min() function and added shared reducer utility
  • Updated BoatClient
  • Bundle now correctly chooses logging levels
  • Added setLogLevel and getLogLevel to CatchFlow™ debugging operations
  • Assured expression errors are logged in CatchFlow™ buffer
  • Ping implementation to improve offline behaviour of Deckhand™ Pro
  • Added $action.changeFishingMethod to be able to easily change the placeholder and method from an action
  • Provide a second argument to $action.pushEvent which permits the method to be specified, and forces a new fishing method to be registered as lastFishingMethod
  • Assure fishingMethodCode is always set properly in the data store.
  • Added $eventStack object to easily look at what is currently on the stack.
  • Create Camel-case synonyms for all lowercase expression functions.
  • Better defaults for unused and other common features
  • fisheryModel is completely optional
  • If included, fisheryCode, fishing methods and fishSpecies are also optional
  • Default named actions for $createEvent and $declareEvent are now included
  • autoRehydrateSessions now defaults to true
  • showUnitConversionOptionsInUserPreferences now defaults to false
  • pinSecurityPerSession and pinSecurity default to false
  • Fixed collect() arguments to be easy to understand.
  • Fixed $workflow object to return the descriptive string instead of nil.
  • Fixed a bug where location manager was being created on a background thread.
  • Fixed the use within Analytics.logSituation which was the primary culprit in this case.
  • Removed some unused code in the template processor
  • Fixed: JSON stringification for the composer.
  • Fixed: a bug in argument sub referencing which was triggered by sample template
  • Fixed: Eliminated enterPauseMode and put it in the same class as other markAs… functions, which also solves the deficiency in pauseEvent where events would not be started if they were merely in created mode.
  • For additional information on the above added items for CatchFlow™ developers and to download the latest CatchFlow™ IDE please click here.