5 October 2021
Requires iPadOS 14 or later
Requires CatchFlow™ IDE version 0.6.11 or higher

Latest AppStore Release

  • Added more obvious mirroring of UserDefinitions in core data to eliminate lost data
  • MOSession/MOTrip are now a 1-to-1 pair
  • MOTrip is mostly superfluous despite the object relationships and this is the first step in it’s retirement.
  • Rehydration is now managed using a new session openState algorithm.
  • Exposed $session.trip object
  • Strange session determination query in MOTrip was eliminated.
  • $action.deleteEvent and $action.submitEvent did not return proper success booleans.
  • Assured that the “accepted” flag was removed when events returned to fishing or ready state or are aborted.
  • Added $workflow.functions which allow querying performance and usage data on functions in the workflow.
  • Added the last() function, similar to first() but cannot be used as an iterator.
  • Built a more deferred queuing algorithm (DeferredQueue) which uses a queue management methodology superior to Apple’s GCD and allows load-based timed queues and better debugging. Incorporated it in several sensitive areas which has improved performance and UI stability.
  • For additional information on the above added items for CatchFlow™ developers and to download the latest CatchFlow™ IDE please click here.