27 September 2021
Requires iPadOS 14 or later
Requires CatchFlow™ IDE version 0.6.11 or higher

Added many new features and product enhancements available to CatchFlow™ developers to use for developing workflows that load on the Deckhand™ Pro platform.

  1. Added greater control of activity buttons in the Activity Panel.
  2. Added fully-featured “choice” style dialogs with info headers.
  3. Added a new way to configure versatile and flexible dialogs
  4. Added better validation dialogs
  5. Added validation options to show event navigation buttons
  6. Added a greater collection of capabilities to the changeState action option as well as adds an action function to do the equivalent.
  7. Added better CatchFlow™ error reporting for failed actions.
  8. Added the new handlers section of template-based reports headers containing both a success and failure handler.
  9. Added new resizable vector-based icons with icon-question being the first using scalable presentations which can be used both in activity panel headers and activity panel cells.
  10. Added a return() function so that expressions can pre-maturely terminate with a returned value.
  11. Added access to the ReportSubmissionResponse object with properties which can be accessed as well as a modifying .copy() operation.
  12. Added $retainVariables = true to the IDE to allow variables to persist across workflow reloads.
  13. Added additional options to changeState so that states such as uploading and readyToSubmit could be simulated.
  14. Added $action.workflowChangeState which has the same capabilities as the workflow equivalent.
  15. Added the Panel0 placement for activity buttons so that a help (or other) button could be squeezed between Settings and the All tab.
  16. Added the markdown() (synonym md()) so that special “Markdown strings” can be created to populate dialogs to control formatting. Added various style setting properties (such as h1.fontName) so that the overall formatting style can be controlled.
  17. Added the warnings(n) image name so that warnings as well as errors can be displayed on a button (errors display in red).
  18. Added onSelected expression and enhanced efficiency of panel button generation to eliminate unneeded builds.
  19. Added the “blocker” type to dialogs.
  20. Added template caching to speed up template compilation.
  21. Added onCloseEvent expression.
  22. Added $action.openSession and action.closeSession to manage event open/closed status and completion.
  23. Added $debug.getLog(-2) to return the current log and clear it.
  24. Added the ability to disable FAB buttons by having the actionDetails enabled set to false.
  25. Add access to $event.created date as well as $event.type
  26. Add $action.deleteEvent()
  27. Add new workflow element cellHeader with markdown and expression ability
  28. Add lineSpacing and paragraphSpacing to markdown function parameter list
  29. For dateSerial() add the template= and format= and tz= keywords, but preserve old positional argument formats.
  30. Added $debug.buildCode so a workflow can tailor itself to debug builds.
  31. Added new two-column-open layout.
  32. Added workflow property “compatibleWithAllPreviouslyCreatedEvents”
  33. Added $action.selectEvent() to select an event in the activity panel
  34. Added $selectedEvent to return the selected event
  35. Added new icons such as icon-trash
  36. Added a “progress spinner” features that launches for long-running actions.
  37. Added the $system object and system variables to pass onboarding information.
  38. Added new icon-x and icon-unwind
  39. Fixed string() so that it outputs CoreData objects properly as their identifying strings instead of a CoreData blob
  40. Fixed a crash bug which could occur if attempts were made to store complex objects (such as $event) inside a DataStore. These are now flagged properly as getLog() errors.
  41. Fixes a bug where the Panel0 button would interfere with activity slots.
  42. Fixed a crash bug which could occur when certain objects were dumped to the debugging logs.
  43. Fixed string() to provide more consistent output.
  44. Fixed history so that in two-column mode the trips are in reverse order but the trip contents are in forward order matching the “Open” panel.
  45. Fixed crash bug when moving cells quickly between columns (view invalidation index error)
  46. Fixed memory leak which caused activity view controllers to never be deleted (and all their owned objects).
  47. Fixed a bug in $selectedEvent where you could not use sub-selectors.
  48. Fixed a bug which caused $action.selectEvent(nil) not to work.
  49. Fixed completeSession() so it would accept a session object

For additional information on the above added items for CatchFlow™ developers and to download the latest CatchFlow™ IDE please click here.