November 7, 2021
Requires iPadOS 14 or later
Requires CatchFlow™ IDE version 0.6.11 or higher

  • ADDED: New $workflowActivated action which can be used to execute code when a workflow appears
  • ADDED: New declareEventAction which can be used on an event to replace the default declaration action
  • ADDED: New type=”presentation” on launchComposition to allow presentation-style modals.
  • ADDED: Presentation Composition Type
  • FIXED: New spatial features additions (such as $workflow.geoData) could interfere with old hardcoded assumptions about MPINZ shape files. This has now been fixed so that the MPI shape files remain a special case, though they can also be used by the newer geodata features.
  • CHANGED: The field canBeEmpty has been removed from disposal-codes-additions.json
  • CHANGED: The field alwaysShowSubAmount has been renamed to requireSubAmount (the previous name is still supported for compatibility with old workflows).
  • CHANGED: The field showSubAmountOnFishingMethods has been renamed to requireSubAmountOnFishingMethods.
  • FIXED: The $view variable would sometimes be blank in cases where an event had a storeId property.
  • FIXED: Deckhand would previously crash if summaries.json was omitted.
  • CHANGE: The $dialog function can now be used as a synonym for $action.dialog. Also, added the message= parameter to dialogs so that the first argument does not have to be the dialog message.
  • CHANGE: setclip can now take two arguments (as in $event.setclip(‘property’, value)) for cases where the property names are stored in variables.
  • ADDED: Shape file support has now been added. The $workflow.geoData property now exposes each shape file and provides ability to do placemark lookup as well as query attributes stored in the shape file.
  • ADDED: The $view.change() function now allows direct changes to values currently displayed by using their id and a new value. The screen will update immediately, including cascading changes.
  • ADDED: Added the onChange handler declaration to all components.
  • ADDED: Added the onOpeningEvent declaration so that whenever an event is opened (new, editing, rehydrating, etc) that this function will be triggered.
  • ADDED: The new $cache() function permits caching up to 20 frequently used values of any kind. They will be kept in the cache based upon how often they are used.