Join our Beta Testing Program

Our beta testing program is designed to gather real-world user experiences, identify potential issues, and make necessary improvements to the software. As a Beta Program member, you will have the unique opportunity to explore new features, functionalities, and provide feedback directly to our development team.

Why Participate:

  • Early Access: Be among the first to experience and explore the latest features before public release.
  • Direct Impact: Your feedback will directly influence final versions.  
  • Recognition: As a token of our appreciation, Beta testers will receive special recognition in the final product and other exclusive perks.
  • Free Software:  Being a Beta tester means a free lifetime subscription to the logbook of your choice.*

What to Expect: 

  • Check-Ins: As a member of the Deckhand beta testing program, you will be instrumental in the continued development of the software. As such, our team will reach out to you periodically to ask and answer questions about the software. This contact will come via phone call, email, or survey depending on the nature of the inquiry. We require that Deckhand beta testers are open and willing to engage in this ongoing dialogue. 
  • Feedback Priority: Our beta testers are crucial to the future of Deckhand. Your feedback will help inform how features within the software operate. Not only will your insights on the use of the software be a high priority but you will have a direct impact on the future of how the software looks, feels, and applies to your fishing operations. 
  • Rough Software: Being a part of the Deckhand beta testing program means that members will be interacting with bare-bones features. This means that there will likely be bugs and additional challenges that will pop up from time to time. This is all part of the process.

*Must be a Beta tester in good standing for 6 months to receive a lifetime subscription.

Apply to be a Deckhand beta tester with the following steps:

  1. Send an email to that includes your name, information about your commercial fishing activity, fishery, and vessel. 
  2. Call 509-850-9916 and request information about the beta testing program.
  3. If selected (space is often limited), you will receive an invitation to begin testing.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Deckhand beta testing team! 

Beta Tester Application

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*Multiple In-App Purchase options may be available at any time. Beta Crewmembers in good standing after 6 months will be able to choose one (1) IAP product for a lifetime subscription. This offer is subject to availability and Beta Crew program enrollment/capacity, and may change at any time.