Addressing Fisheries Challenges Using Logbook Technology

If you’ve ever visited a foreign fishing port, you know that it’s always an experience walking the docks and looking around. It’s fascinating to see different looking boats and gear, while discovering new and interesting markets for landed product. But despite some of these outward facing differences, challenges faced by fishermen, regardless of hailing port
Deckhand Pro aboard the Fishing Vessel Iceberg Point

Deckhand™ Pro Logs Another Season on the F/V Iceberg Point

I recently returned from Alaska, having safely completed my twentieth year in the Bristol Bay sockeye salmon fishery. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to blend my role as a skipper with my position as Deckhand Logbook’s business development manager for North America, where our primary goal as a company is to develop and deploy Deckhand as…
Docked fishing vessels

Deckhand Pro Approved By NMFS For eVTRs

Real Time Data’s Deckhand Pro electronic logbook was approved as an official electronic vessel trip report (eVTR) application by the NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Regional Office in early May. This means that soon, federally-permitted fishermen will be able to use the software to collect data and submit eVTRs once the software goes “live” later this summer…
Sunset on the shoreline

Steaming Toward Approval: Deckhand™ Pro In The Greater Atlantic

Real Time Data’s (RTD) Deckhand Pro electronic logbook platform is moving closer to federal approval as an eVTR solution in Greater Atlantic federal fisheries. When approved, it will be an electronic logbook designed and built by a company with commercial fishermen on the payroll…
Lange Solberg kissing a sockeye salmon

Meet Lange Solberg

Meet Lange Solberg, Business Development Manager for Real Time Data’s North America operations. For two years, Lange has expanded RTD’s Australia origins into commercial fishing markets in the US and Canada. With offices based on Bellingham, Washington’s working waterfront, Lange continues to work hard at making RTD’s flagship product, the Deckhand electronic logbook, a tool…
NOAA Electronic Monitoring West Coast Workshop

Progress & Collaboration At The NOAA Electronic Monitoring West Coast Workshop

Which would you rather attend: The NOAA Electronic Monitoring West Coast Workshop or the latest blockbuster movie? If you said the movie, you may need to think twice.
An unexpectedly broad spectrum of information, cooperation and an incredible industry dynamic marked the most recent electronic monitoring (EM) workshop in Washington State last week. Similar to…
Fishing vessel technology infographic

Technology At Sea: A Refresher On EM, ER, And VMS.

The evolution of technology in commercial fisheries is as constant as the industry itself. Traps, nets, engines, electronics, and materials have always been changing at varying paces through time. It is worth remembering that adopting new technologies, even if in some cases it’s mandator, can empower fishermen and make one’s operation more efficient. Key among…
Pacific Marine Expo Aerial View

Another Pacific Marine Expo Logged

Seattle, Washington: December 3, 2019 — Over 500 exhibitors and thousands of attendees descended on the annual Pacific Marine Expo, held November 21-23 at the CenturyLink Field Event Center in Seattle, Washington. PME is an annual trade show targeting the commercial marine industry, with many who attend representing the commercial fishing sector.
Under the booth name…