GARFO v0.5.4

November 12, 2021
Requires Deckhand™ Pro – 3.10.21-6129 or higher

Latest Release

  • ADDED: Dialog on Workflow load that prompts the user to link their GARFO account. This dialog has a “Connect Now” that opens the a composition directly for the to use

GARFO v0.5.42021-12-01T22:54:17+00:00

GARFO v0.5.3

November 9, 2021
Requires Deckhand™ Pro – 3.10.17-6123 or higher

  • Updated data lists for Chart Areas, Dealers, Fish Species, Operators, Ports, Vessels, and Gears.
GARFO v0.5.32021-12-01T22:53:52+00:00

GARFO v0.5.2

November 7, 2021
Requires Deckhand™ Pro – 3.10.17-6123 or higher

  • ADDED: Garfo Account Setup – users now always have the option to link their GARFO account via a composition available in the + button from the Deckhand Home screen or Map screen.
  • FIXED: In Preview, navigating away from the “All” tab, and back to it, will no longer make the “Sign into GARFO” panel appear when it shouldn’t.
GARFO v0.5.22021-12-01T22:53:26+00:00

GARFO v0.5.1

September 27, 2021
Requires Deckhand™ Pro – 3.10.3-6105 or higher

  • Added a Quick Help Guide for GARFO. You can launch it from the Help button in the top-left of Activity Panel menu.
  • Replaced the Active/Sending/All activity panel menu buttons with Opened/Closed buttons.
  • An open trip will be listed under the Opened panel list.
  • A close trip will be listed under the Closed panel list.
  • Added a Trip Header to group all trip events and perform group actions for the entire trip.
  • Added Close, Abort, Preview, Submit icon action buttons to Trip Header and displayed on completed open trips.
  • Added Warnings icon action button to replace Submit in Trip Header for incomplete trip events.
  • Added Open button to Trip Header on closed trips to open the trip.
  • Added Delete button to Trip Header on aborted closed trips to delete the trip.
  • Added Preview button to the Trip Header and all trip events that displays a summary of only that event.
  • Added a Welcome to Deckhand dialog when the Go Fishing button is tapped.
  • Added a Trip Started dialog to guide the user of what to do next after confirming a Trip Details event.
  • Added “Open this trip” dialog when you open a closed trip.
  • Added “Cannot Open” dialog when opening a trip when there is a trip open.
  • Added aborted trip warning dialog when aborting a trip.
  • Added close trip dialog when closing a trip.
  • Added warnings dialog when there is warnings in the trip.
  • Added a “resume this trip” dialog when resuming a trip.
  • Added an “end your trip” dialog when ending the trip.
  • Added a “trip ended” dialog when the trip has ended.
  • Added a “delete trip” dialog when deleting a closed trip.
  • Added “Landing does not match” dialog when Landing data does not match catch data.
  • Replaced the StartVTR and EndVTR events with a combined single Trip Details event.
  • Trip Details event when you start a trip (e.g Tap Go Fishing button)
  • Trip Details event when you end a trip (e.g the below visual displays the Trip Details event when you tap the End Trip button and you have no fishing efforts).
  • Note: Landed/DateTime fields only displays in the Trip Details event when you end the trip.
  • Removed the Submit button from each event and replaced with one Submit button in the Trip Header that submits the entire trip.
  • Accepted trips from GARFO will display a green tick in the Trip Header for the entire trip.
  • Rejected trips from GARFO will display the Error(s) in the Trip Header.
  • Editing an event after it has previously being submitted now requires the entire trip to be reviewed and validated before resubmitting.
  • While a trip is being submitted, the events of the trip cannot be edited.
  • If a trip is aborted in a middle of a fishing trip, the user is navigated back to the Deckhand Home screen and the trip and its events are moved to the Closed panel.
  • If a trip is in the process of uploaded/submitted it cannot be aborted.
  • If an event is being edited, you cannot edit another event or abort another event.
  • Users can now proceed past a Landing report after entering species/weight data that doesn’t match the Catches Kept in a SubTrip, but users cannot submit the trip until this is corrected.
  • If a user hasn’t linked their GARFO account, they’ll be able to do so via the Preview composition.
GARFO v0.5.12021-12-01T22:52:35+00:00
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