We are seeking.

Senior iOS Engineer

We’re looking for an iOS Developer who has a broad interest in more challenging algorithms such as language parsing and extensive customisation technologies. We have a product which creates “compiled” user interfaces with our own IDE that can be compiled and then delivered on our iOS platform. It’s a bit above and beyond the normal “iOS app” boring stuff, and we’re looking for somebody who enjoys a challenge and likes to learn and invent. Tons of iOS experience isn’t as important as a demonstrated ability to create your own solutions rather than use “off the shelf” components as many of our requirements are new and not available as libraries.


  • Be a good communicator and be able to understand the business purpose of our product, and the needs of our users, translating those into technical requirements and tickets that can be implemented.
  • Work with our team. Reach out to more experienced people, but also challenge their thinking and help take our product forward.
  • Work diligently at tasks using XCode and git to create robust testable solutions.
  • Do the boring administrative stuff needed to take your work and publish it properly in sensible branches and be aware of the need to keep our mainstream branches clean.
  • Document your results.
  • Be proud of your work.


  • Working Knowledge of iOS and Swift
  • Good written communication and open team communication are essential.
  • Be good at writing scripts and utilities needed to do support work such as automated testing, code generation and other tasks.
  • Background which demonstrates keen ability to understand algorithmic problems, including graphics, mathematics, language parsing and machine architecture
  • Background which demonstrates an ability to learn new languages and techniques quickly and apply them to get results
  • It helps if you love Macs and Apple products.

We’re always scanning the horizon for talented folks who are excited about the fishing industry and how technology can help solve many challenges facing harvesters. We encourage you to reach out to us at Tell us a bit about yourself and don’t forget to include a copy of your resume.