About Us

Real Time Data

We believe commercial fishers who work on the ocean deserve to earn a sustainable living. We believe the sustainability of the oceans is important for all of us. Deckhand makes it easier for commercial fishermen to manage their business sustainably.

Real Time Data was founded in South Australia by a commercial fisherman, Tom Robinson, and a digital media designer, Simon Dick. After leaving the world of advertising in 2002, Tom built Goolwa PipiCo, now the largest clam fishery in Australia. Driven by the desire to solve a problem for fishers to make their lives easier, Deckhand was born.

Since 2013, Deckhand has been at the forefront of solving fishers problems as they transition away from using paper for their record keeping.

Deckhand is the first on-board electronic logbook designed especially for fishers.
It’s sleek, reliable and by your side when you need it

Our values: Quality, Integrity, Innovation, Respect, Empathy.