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Meet Some of Our Team

Tom Robinson - Co-founder

Co-founder and Director, Tom founded RTD with Simon Dick in 2010. Tom left a successful advertising career in 2002 to become a commercial fisherman, founding Australia’s largest clam fishery, Goolwa PipiCo in South Australia. Tom has played a vital role in development of the local clam fishing industry from small beginnings.

In early 2019 Tom traveled the globe to complete a Nuffield Scholarship. Tom’s research focused primarily on the wide range of applications for tablet-based technologies in data collection applications in commercial and recreational fisheries.

Simon Dick Co-founder

Co-founder and Director. Simon founded RTD together with Tom Robinson in 2010. Prior to this, he was Head of Digital at Clemenger BBDO Adelaide, for several years.

Previous roles include owning and managing a software development company which was bought by Clemenger BBDO, and various technical and creative roles within the digital advertising industry.

Simon is an accomplished product designer with particular expertise in user interface design and mobile and cloud technologies.

Lang Solberg US Business Development Lead

Joined RTD in 2018, based in Seattle. Lange is a commercial fisherman, owning and managing a sockeye salmon vessel in Alaska, and at the same time is a fishery policy expert with a Masters degree from the University of Washington.

He has completed numerous projects for fisheries and regulators in North America, and worked in commercial sales at a marine supply operation in the Pacific Northwest between 2011-2016.

He brings detailed insight into the North American industry and regulatory regime, a wide range of industry connections and excellent analytical skills.


Now based in Victoria, Gary is originally from USA, and has had numerous strategic roles in successful technology ventures in Australia and the US, including President, CEO, and Systems Architect for Apex Software Corporation. He was responsible for all decisions, both technical and business taking the company from a small start-up to an eventual deal where Apex’s best-of-breed technology was incorporated into Microsoft’s Visual Basic 4.0 and Visual Studio product.

He started working with RTD as a consultant advisor in 2018, via his company Blue Seas Technology and has made key contributions in areas ranging from product and market strategy through product architecture and plans. In September 2019 Gary became CEO of RTD. He brings truly world-class cloud, application, technology strategy insights and business acumen to RTD and his enthusiastic involvement with the company is a great endorsement of its strategic positioning.

Roger Edwards Chair

An economist by training, Roger has many years’ experience as an executive with enterprises in the agricultural and fishing industries.

Long-standing director and shareholder of Centre State Exports Pty Ltd, a medium-size South Australian grain exporting business, having previously had executive responsibility for strategy, financial analysis, cash management and business development. Chair of Muggleton & Associates, which has interests in seafood and meat import, export, and distribution in Australia and the US. Chair of Goolwa PipiCo, which is responsible for 66% of the SA commercial Pipi market.

Previous roles include managing agricultural and fishery consulting ventures.

Pana Vassos Project and Release Manager

Joined RTD in 2019. Pana brings insights and strategies from 20 years experience in project management, software and quality assurance.

As Project and Release Manager he is responsible for the management, technical planning, quality and release of all RTD software applications as well as leading and guiding the technical team on development best practices.

Real Time Data

Real Time Data was formed in Australia in 2010 by Tom Robinson and Simon Dick. After leaving the world of advertising in 2002, Tom built Goolwa PipiCo, now the largest clam fishery in Australia. Deckhand was inspired by Tom’s experience and designed for simplicity and ease of use with Simon at his side.

Deckhand has been in use by commercial fishermen in Australia for over 4 years and recently launched in New Zealand as one of the primary industry-endorsed products for their commercial fishing market.

Rollout of Deckhand in the USA has already begun with trials and early discussions with fisheries and regulators. If you’re interested, contact us.

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